• Learn your specific situation: expenditures, filing systems, tax preparation, deductions, and short and long-term accounting goals to include in implementation
  • QuickBooks initial set-up, including a completely customized chart of your accounts
  • Design a tracking and organization system that works with your personal equipment and storage space; we can also assist with paperwork processing and filing
  • Reconcile your bank and other financial records so they are up-to-date
  • Assist setting up bill pay and/or other automated systems to help in your recurring tasks
  • Prepare your books for tax preparation by your CPA
  • Ongoing consultation including balancing your accounts, paying bills, data entry, organization and filing, and financial reportsType your paragraph here.


Interested in managing your own books and working independently?  We’re here to train you on Quickbooks software!  At the end of the training, you will have been expertly guided through setting up QuickBooks for your needs. We can audit your existing computer equipment, and recommended updates of hardware and software to maximize your efficiency and connection to your finances.

Small Businesses

QuickBooks Training

Individuals and families

  • Assess your current business situation: profits and loss, receipts and records, and compliance schedules to incorporate into accounting system​
  • QuickBooks initial set-up, including a completely customized chart of accounts at your business​
  • Implement a system to track and manage your operating expenses, cash flow, deductions, and enable you to know what it takes to successfully run your business​
  • Provide an organizational structure for record-keeping​
  • Clean up any backlog of financial data and catch up on current deadlines to help you calmly sail through business requirements for compliance with regulatory agencies​
  • Prepare your books for tax preparation by your CPA​
  • Connect you to our referral partners - accountants, lawyers, payroll processing companies and other specialists as needed​
  • Ongoing maintenance such as bill pay, reconciliation, data entry, organization and filing, and financial reports on a schedule that fits your needs


At Bottom Line Bookkeeping we understand running a business or managing a family can be demanding, and we want to help you focus on your area of expertise by letting us take on your bookkeeping. We come to you and work on your computer so that you will always own and be able to access your own account data.  You can trust us to make your finances as straightforward and worry-free as it can be. We are committed to building trust upon our integrity.  “Your peace of mind is our bottom line.”

We offer Quickbooks training for people who want to do it themselves, learn more below.