As the Founder and Principal Bookkeeper at Bottom Line Bookkeeping, Judith has created the perfect job for herself – a way to harness her natural abilities to learn, teach, and organize while connecting with others whom she might help.  Years into her business, Judith still says, “I truly love the work I do, it never gets old... it soothes me to bring order to others, to be a great listener and resource for almost anything a client might need.”   She holds the traits you would want in a bookkeeper: focused, punctual, accurate, highly organized with a sharp memory.  And she also shares the characteristics you would hope for in a professional: compassionate, kind, reliable, honest, and funny. 

 Judith, originally a native of Philly, has lived in the Bay Area since 1982.  She has raised 4 children while honing her bookkeeping skills and amassing years of family and small business accounting business experience.  Judith recalls rolling up stacks of coins as a child for fun; and always feeling confident and comfortable handling money, even working as a teenager operating a cash register (before credit cards).  Judith enjoys a career built not only on natural talent, but also meeting a sensibility to want to work closely with clients. For 26 years, Judith volunteered for a group that provided monthly deliveries of homemade, kosher food, along with other necessary groceries, to people with AIDS and other disabilities in San Francisco. Stacking up coins was proved just a start, and Bottom Line Bookkeeping is how Judith continues to bring others “peace of mind.”

Pam Eguchi

Judith Schwartz

Founder and Principal Bookkeeper

A professional bookkeeper since 1999, Golda brings her extensive knowledge to educate clients not only in learning Quickbook software, but also how to apply it for their custom needs.  She enjoys "taking care of people and helping them get their business on the right track.”  She can go over the fundamentals or share tips such as using date and calculating fields to add to your toolbox. Golda spends her free time horseback riding; she understands that gentle coaching builds trust; she brings the same style to one of Bottom Line Bookkeeping’s key services.


Golda Blum
Quickbooks Trainer

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Pam brings her extensive and varied bookkeeping experience to every job, and being a puzzle-lover, is a natural whiz at creating a system that works best for each client.  She loves the variety of work environments from onsite visits, and is a true believer that “it’s never too late to get started!”  She can help streamline recurring tasks such as entering financial transactions and how to navigate bank, credit card, and account reconciliations.  She’s a native Californian who has raised her daughter in the Bay Area.  Pam is also a long-time user of Quickbooks, and will share her love for its organizational powers and bring ease to any process.